Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Reliable water treatment plants are essential for modern infrastructure to make drinking water available which comes from groundwater, lakes, streams, rivers, canals or sea, and should be treated and cleaned before being distributed for potable and non-potable use. With strong foothold in the domain of design, construction, operation and maintenance of high capacity water treatment plants (WTP), HWSPL has infrastructure and resources required to implement drinking water supply and distribution system with required technology to monitor quantity and quality of water supplies including billing system.

For industrial clients, the emphasis is on refining water suitable for the production purposes. It provides wide range of solutions from coagulation & flocculation, sedimentation, media filtration, and disinfection to the state of the art technologies such as membrane filtration & advanced oxidation process (AOP).

Process Flow

Old 25 MGD WTP & Water Supply Process Flow

New 25 MGD WTP & Water Supply Process Flow

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